How to Be a Domain Professional

Domaining is an intense process of contemplating, buying & selling great domain names. In this seemingly simple, but actually highly complex realm, acquiring and marketing your domain is a sophisticated process. Want to know how to be a domain professional? Firstly, you need to decide if you are going to create a short domain of one to two letters and such. Then you must evaluate if you should create a more specific longer phrase domain name that actually means something and is perhaps the name of a company or process. Next you have to buy it at the right price, which is not always the lowest cost. Since after you purchase the domain it will be locked with a registrar for sixty days and during that time period you will need to rely on the service and customer support of the registrar. Therefore, you will want to buy from a dependable seller who will assist you once you have bought the domain. Particulars such as functionality of an e-mail address and domain forwarding are considerations that you will want to take into account before you pay for your online address.

Secondly, how marketable is your newly acquired domain name? Can you resell it for more than you paid to buy it? If so, by what markup? Who is your intended demographic for sale? What sale price is reasonable? When listing your domain for sale it is a good idea to have a comprehensive concept to match the domain. Otherwise, unless the domain is ultimately catchy as a key phrase, no one will want to buy it for more than you spent to purchase it. Once aware of the domain name, a prospective purchase might opt to buy the same domain name with a varied extension, such as, or others. Therefore, you should buy all of the possible extensions for your domain at the initial time of purchase or definitely before marketing your domain.

Thirdly, it is important to know if your domain name has value. There are websites that evaluate the worth of a domain. But it is more important to know the inherent value of the domain name to your intended buyers. Now that close to seven hundred new extensions will be released worldwide, having a great domain has never been easier. Many domain registrars are pre-registering customers for their dream domain name. At last count, one such registry had nearly two million pre-registrations. You should consider the best extension for your domain by utilizing part of your domain name as the extension itself.

Lastly, in this rigmarole of domaining, having the right budget is the key to being successful. After you have pre-registered for countless names, you will have to pay for them once they become available. Also, after you have purchased many domains, you need to be sure you will have enough money to buy more domains and to meet your general expenses. Having a reserve account for expenditures, in addition to investors and partners is a good idea. Even though you will need to share the potential profits, you will have more cushions on which to rely. It is important to note that the governing organization for domains has recently created a trademark clearinghouse. Therefore, it is wise to research the current usage of a phrase before buying it to avoid infringing on the intellectual property of someone else.

World of Blogs

The other day I received a reply to an advertisement I had posted about my Writing Services for Blogs and Websites. Proposed payment per article was lower than I had anticipated. But this is not the first time I was offered less than I had believed to be the average rate for work the Marketing Services Industry.

World of Blogs. The blogger explained that before any written work I submitted could be posted it would need to be screened on This website specializes in evaluating written materials to be posted online to verify that the copy is not plagiarized and does not infringe on anyone’s intellectual property. When searching for this website I came across a similar, which is also for reviewing written material and scrutinizing it for plagiarism. As well, the specialized tools on this site can scan your website and produces a report, which details the links on your website, informs you if they are functioning correctly or are broken and compiles in a list for your review.

When writing articles for blogs and websites you need to be aware of databases such as, which can help you to manage and secure your brand online. It also as a listing of all of the social media tools that you could ever want to promote your company on their networks page: . If you are writing about a business and want to know where it has been featured on the internet there is a great website for you to utilize: It ranks online listings as positive, negative or neutral and lists how often the entity is mentioned, as well as how many authors have written about the topic of interest.

If you are aspiring to be a professional blogger or copywriter you need to consider what type of blog you will use to showcase your writing. Composing content on your blog or website is a great way to demonstrate your knowledge on a certain subject. Posting blog often will grow your list of followers. Some blogs have IP addresses that make it easy to forward a domain name, while others only offer the option of a great blog title and easy to use functionality for design and widgets functionality. Definitely read online reviews about various blog hosts before creating your blog to determine if there are any restrictions for uploading images, and software add-ons to a page, or in a widget or as a link. Most importantly, research what SEO options the blog hosts provides for the listing and promotion of your blog in some or all search engines.

Also, when considering a title for your blog, first search domain registries to find out is a similar domain name is available. Likely a varied extension such as .info or .org might be available for your desired domain, even if the .com extension is taken. Before purchasing a domain name, thoroughly research the various domain registrars, to get the best price and the highest level of customer service. The lowest price is not always the best deal. Factors such as customer service, technical support and control panel tools for domain forwarding and management are more important than a low price. As well, the ability to transfer your domain and the cost for renewal are other important considerations. Lastly, inquire as to whether the registrar has an auction page to sell your domain and visit it prior to registering your domain.


Lessons in Domain Name Shopping

Are you ready for some lessons in domain name shopping. Some registrars will register your initial domain name for as little as one dollar. Additional domain registrations can range upwards of $400 or more per domain. Also, even while the preliminary purchase might have seem to be a great buy, upgrades such as domain forwarding are often not included with securing of the domain name. As well, forwarding could only be permitted to an IP address, but not to a BlogSpot. Tools to build and host a website can cost much more than with more traditional registrars.

Major players in the domain name registration process usually offer a more transparent process for buying and returning domains. Some registrars will issue a refund for a domain within 5 days without implementing a fee for the return and in some cases will require a small fee of $2 or so to issue refunds within up to 40 days. To be sure about the policies of each registrar be sure to fully read and review their terms of service and other agreements that can be found on their website. It is best to do this reading before purchasing any products or services.

When buying domain names be sure to take scrupulous notes of any discussions you have with customer service representatives, as you may need to rely on the specific wording of a phrase or suggestion to receive the service that was promoted.  Also, carefully note the wording of a discount / offer code and any coupon identification numbers, as well as their restrictive dates for valid redemption.

Some registrars issue coupons almost automatically and even though you might receive a seemingly legitimate discount of whatever percentage off the regular price, oftentimes these savings will only be applied to new customer orders. Your IP address, login ID and customer number indicate to the registrars so-called computerized coupon issuing and processing system, if you are a new customer, as well as how many times who redeemed a coupon and the type of savings program from which you had already received a benefit.

Be sure to partner with a business colleague that has a separate IP Address to ensure that you can maximize your savings. Also, a business partner is valuable for perspective when choosing domain names, which are essentially brand identities. Whenever you shop be sure to clearly read the labels and any disclaimers; including the detailed in store and online return policy.