Rhythm of the Sale

Is there a rhythm to conversations? Is there a pattern to the dialogue of a discussion? Does the tone of speech and inflection affect the way message is delivered to the recipient?

Perhaps there is a rhythm to sales as well. The sound of confident sales person speaking, using relevant industry jargon and expressing one’s voice with enthusiasm is of great comfort to a prospective purchaser. In a way, a relationship is being built through a sales call. Every relationship has two or more parties. To be successful both parties or more must clearly understand the mutual needs of the other(s) and be willing to work towards catering to them.

A potential customer will be more likely to complete a purchase, if the sales person has good manners and cheerful countenance. The ability to make small talk and to speak in terms that are relevant to the prospective customer’s interests will prove valuable in securing a sale. A one-off  is not the goal of a seasoned sales professional. Instead, a true sales guru will want to build a long-term relationship for multiple sales well into the future.

As long as the salesperson ensures that goods are delivered on time and on budget the customer will be satisfied and want to buy many items through the same salesperson. Rapport and fulfilled sales orders are the essential key to an open door of a continuous sales process.

It is important that the sales pitch be concise yet informative. The sales person should speak in an upbeat manner and definitely be smiling. Even if the consumer cannot see through the phone; a smiling representative will project a joyful presence, which gets transmitted through vibrations through the line. Sitting up straight, maintaining good posture and taking notes on the customers comments are useful strategies for ensuring high sales levels.

There is a rhythm to a sale. Like any interaction, both parties should find the discussion interesting and informative, but not boring. A star sales representative should keep sentences short and to the point and maintain a constant rhythm to their pattern of speech. This will ensure a lower call to sale ratio, with more leads maximized to the fullest potential. Maximized sales will likely result in increased revenues for the soon too be wealthy salesperson. Is this sales guru someone you know or perhaps it is you? Make your best presentation and be enriched by being a rhythmic sales wizard.

Domain Names – Online Real Estate

Why are domain names a form of online real estate? With the right domain name your website can be found easily. The greater the number of visitors to your website the more likely you will have inquiries. Hopefully you will be able to convert visitors into customers.To be sure that you or your company  purchases the best  and most relevant domain name, you should research its search-ability value. Just type the domain name phrase into a major search engine and see how many results are displayed. Then enter the phrase again with quotation marks around the words and note how many pages are linked to your term(s). This process will determine how many times the word or words appear in the same document and how many times they are matched side by side in the same page.If your domain name does not contain regularly searched key words, then it will be a great challenge to get Search Engines to rank it highly when indexing it. The domain name should be related to major ideas and / or concepts in your business industry. Examples for the real estate industry, for example, may include; real property, property investing, estate land and so forth.

Your domain name is the online address where potential customers can find your business. Therefore, the domain name must be easy to remember and contain popular terms. If your business is party planning, for example, then a domain name that contains the words; ‘party, planning, events, festival, celebrate and celebration’ will be a big hit for potential customers.

Keep your domain name relevant and also short or concise. By having less letters is more. Domains containing six letters or less is the best choice for a domain name that people can easily remember. It is also great to be used as part of an e-mail address. Most importantly, Search Engines want short domain names.

How can you ensure your page will be seen? Write a great article for your main page. Keep it short, concise and interesting. Have a great lead – in tagline or first sentence grabber that holds the attention of the reader.

To ensure regular visit by reader continuously write new relevant content. Your topics should reflect the domain name and the title of your website. For great examples of a super SEO system visit: resale.condos and estate.land

Going Out of Business or Going Out for Business

There is a clear difference between being in business and being a business that generates a profit. More important though, then having profits, is existing as a company has a regular customer base and a good reputation among its demographic constituency.

Whether your company has one store or a chain of locations, your key requirement must be to have a steady following of customers who sing your praises. Some juggernauts department stores have majorly failed at maintaining a customer base. These businesses were going out of business while there competition was going out for business.

Newly emerging chain stores have come to realize that having a large selection of products is only one valuable resource. Great customer service should be coupled with low prices. Otherwise customers will choose to pay less every time.

Large department stores should invest in their staff, in terms of instilling morale; and in developing leadership skills among their management. Staff members who will regularly be in contact with customers should be thoroughly trained on how to smile, how to listen, how to sell, how to upsell and how to ensure superior customer satisfaction.

If staff are complacent with the status quo and just filling time to earn a salary, then they will not put forward much effort to serve customers and / or help with sales. If employees do not envision a future for themselves with a company, then they will contribute to the future growth or worth of the business.

Staff need to consider themselves part of the overall company to believe that they have a value to the company and to in turn want to contribute to the company’s value. If employees can envision advancement, promotion and a long term career with a company, then they will do whatever they can to ensure that their future source of income is healthy and strong. Business need to seem to invest in employees and actually do so that the business will get a return on the work productivity of the employees.

The right approach will lead to going out for business, while the wrong approach will likely result in a major chain going out of business. The choice may seem to be  obvious. But will management choose correctly?

If a business is not actively expanding, then it will likely not stay open for very long. A healthy business needs to always be growing to gain new revenue. Some