Warranty App

Warranty App

Is there such thing as a warranty application (app)? If there is not yet an application for mobile devices and computers of all types that allows purchasers to scan their receipts and warranties, in order to have the information sorted and cataloged for later retrieval and review, then there certainly should be one created soon.

An application that contains relevant and useful data, which one would need to qualify for a replacement item as part warranty coverage would be of the greatest possible value.

Items necessary for warranty:

  • Actual receipt containing the following details:
  • Serial number of product
  • Date of purchase
  • Store ID
  • Method of Payment (Debit Card, Credit Card, Cash)
  • Universal Price Code
  • Item Identification Number
  • Transaction number

The reason a person would need this information and an application of this type is in case a product stops working or begins to malfunction. Why should someone need to buy a replacement product if the item they purchased is fully covered under a warranty? Even though a warranty may state that a replacement will be provided. The receipt is the most important requirement, along with the actual product for warranty redemption of a purchased item.

Usually for electronics and items that use electricity, such as cooking grills and microwave ovens, the manufacturer / supplier will want to diagnose issues via the internet or request that the purchaser run various tests, before a replacement item will be provided. Some companies will want the old / original product to be sent back / returned before a new / replacement product will be given to the customer.

Some companies will send packing slips to be affixed to the box for the item to be returned. Other companies, depending on the purchased product, will only want the electrical cord / plug to be sent by mail. For certain items, such as printers, fax machines or old scanners, the manufacture may only request smart recycling practices that comply with municipal and federal environmental standards.

When requesting assistance with a purchased product you should note the date and time of each telephone call wherein you express a complaint about your purchased product. These details are very important and should be provided when you finally request a replacement item. It shows your effort to follow a reasonable plan to get help with your product prior to asking for a new one. You may not always get a new product. Instead you could receive a refurbished item, which may not be of the same quality as the one you initially bought.

At the time of purchase you can usually buy an extended warranty for your product. Many credit card companies usually provide an additional year of product / service coverage, in addition to the initial year of coverage offered by the manufacturer and as a supplement to an extended warranty plan. You should contact your credit card company to find out the unique warranty option covered under your credit card member’s policy.

The Way It Is In the World

There are rules everywhere. Policies, practices, codes of conduct seem to exist in every area of one’s life. General rules, specific rules. If you live in a condominium there are internal rules. A cooperative housing project also has rules, which may be classified as bylaws. Every person who lives in a certain place and / or who visits that residential area is expected and required to comply with these rules.

Even more so in society at large there are laws. Certainly everyone in the society, locally and nationally is expected to comply with laws. The difference perhaps between a rule and a law is that one can move to a different place and / or disconnect from subscription to a society or group and no longer be bound by rules or customs. The same cannot be said about laws. No one can choose to disobey a law, that is, without being punished, either by way of fine or sentence.

Now that we have discussed rules and laws, let us ponder into how one is expected to adhere to and / or follow these codes of behavior. One is simply born into the world and into a specific location. One is now expected to follow the laws and rules of that place. Is this reasonable?

One will likely never be taught laws or rules in school. Is one expected to innately know what is expected of them, or should one learn the rules and laws by osmosis; simply be absorbing knowledge from those with whom one interacts regularly? Or are parents expected to teach morals to their children and these morals are supposed to instill in them a sense of right and wrong?

It is strange that we live in a world and in a society where people are just expected to know things and yet are not given instruction in what they must know. For example when in school were you taught how to file your income tax return? Certainly every adult is expected to file one? If you will need to know this practice, then you should learn how to perform this task as a result of practice. Even if you walk your dog, you must know where you can walk it, whether it must be on a leash and know that you must pick-up after it. These practices are bylaws. While these bylaws are usually posted on signs in areas that people will likely walk a dog, one is not ever given a booklet that details the bylaws for the area where they reside. Nevertheless one is obligated to comply with the ordinances as assigned.









Return of the King

Why does it seem as though those with less are always expected to achieve more and those with more are required to do less?

It is quite strange that throughout history those people who were members of the working class were kept so busy that they would not have time or clarity of mind to be able to think about their setting in life, as member of their community as part of the class structure. Those with wealth had the luxury of all things, especially of the benefit of books and the time and opportunity to read them and learn knowledge.

Now that information is everywhere and is most easily accessed, versus any other time in history, why does a class structure of have and have-nots still exist? This phenomenon is likely due to the requirement of balance in an economy? On a metaphysical level this may be related to the need for equality of equations in the construct of the world. In order for some people to be rich, others must be poor. Up can only exist relative to down and so on and so forth.

Even though information is everywhere and can seemingly be universally or at least globally accessed, many people are still poor. This phenomenon may be due to the reality that there are still many people throughout the world who do not have computers and / internet access. Even if some people have access to information via the Internet the economic conditions require one to work constantly – so that there is really not much, if any, time, for the working class population to read, learn and grow in their knowledge of subjects and in their understanding of the functionality of the world.

Due to the change the structure and principles of many of the world’s prominent religions, followers who were devout or non-practicing are now left in a state of confusion. Since many economic and societal structures were initially based on religious doctrines and variance in the religious construct will have residual effects.

Economic principles are constantly be reshaped, but is this a positive or negative change. Has the world really benefited from the change of methods of governance? When the rule of the King was supreme in many of the world’s empires people understood their role in society and class levels had a purpose, in relation to the King everyone else was further down the totem pole. Also, income tax was approximately 1% versus today’s rates, which can vary according to one’s income, from 30% to nearly 50%.

How can economic conditions be rightfully said to have improved, when a person is only entitled to keep a smaller / lesser percentage of their earning than ever before? Perhaps this is the answer to the quandary that perplexes economic theorists and the average person, equally. Even with so called greater freedoms through independence from monarchial rule a class system seems to have been carried over and class levels are continually maintained.

One can only wonder what life was really like under the rule of the King. Is society better off with independent rule?


Billion Dollar Phrase

Is there such thing as a billion dollar phrase? Can a domain name be worth a million dollars or a billion dollars? Domain names have sold for millions of dollars in the past and will likely do so well into the future. Knowing which domain name is a valuable catch phrase is like trying to predict the winning numbers in the lottery.

Is foresight of the optimal combinations of letters, symbols, numbers and / or words possible? Your ability to be creative in combination with your level of intelligence will determine your domain name savviness. You need to be able to figure out which popular or emerging trends will have a value for a business or organization.

Let us suppose that you are capable of conceiving of the most popular phrase and you are able to buy a domain name at the most relevant extension to accompany it. Does this ensure that you will be able to rank the domain name highly on Search Engines? Will you be able to sell advertising space on it or be able to sell the domain name and / or website to a business or organization?

Even if the domain name is relevant to a specific industry or business area there is no guarantee that you can convince others of the applicable value. Moreover, can you be certain that the domain name is not trademarked by a company in your country of residence and / or internationally? That is right. There are international trademark registrations. But how can you search these words or phrases globally?

The World Intellectual Property Organization is a great place to start your world-wide search for protected trademarks. These links are useful:

If the prospective domain name and extension are available for registration without infringement implications, then you still need to be sure that you will be able to properly pre-register or priority pre-register your new generic top-level domain name. There are also various phases that are based on the proximity or nearness of the date of public release of the domain name, which can be subscribed to for the right price(s). Therefore, the greater your budget and the more daring you hope to be the more likely your chances of securing your desired domain name.

To find out release dates for new generic top-level domains this website seems to be a great reference: https://www.webnames.ca/domain-registration/new-domain-name-launch-schedule.aspx

Happy searching and securing your dream phrase.