Bureaucracy Crazy

Did you ever wonder what is wrong with bureaucracy? I am not sure I know for sure, but I have some idea. Let me explain a recent situation and you will get my drift.

I recently decided to lose weight and ordered some weightloss shakes from a major franchised store. Kindly note that I often order from this store online, because they offer free shipping and usually my order arrives within a week or so.

My most recent order arrived within a week, but I was not sitting at home when it arrived. I live in a condominium building and the management has a policy of not accepting package if they are greater than a certain amount of inches in length or width. Talk about bureaucracy gone crazy. If their were two packages of half the size, then they would be accepted, but not one of the equivalent size of the others combined.

I received a delivery notice from a postal courier stating no answer as the reason for the item not being delivered. I immediately calledthe courier serviceand inquired as to when my item could be delivered on a second attempt. The customer service representative read me a scripted reply, which stated that only one effort is made to deliver a parcel. I asked to speak to someone else and was transferred to a Floor Supervisor who also told me scripted reply that explained their is only one delivery effort per parcel. I asked if this was a policy and was told that it was a policy. Therefore, I requested to know where I could review this policy online or otherwise. My call was put on hold and when the Floor Supervisor returned to my call she explained that there was in fact no such policy, but that the common practice is for only one delivery effort to be made for each parcel to be delivered.

The Floor Supervisor explained that the new delivery effort for parcel would take at least five days to be evaluated at the depot. If I don’t pick up the item within 15 days, then it will be returned the sender, being the store where the item was purchase. The issuing warehouse forthe storefor my order is in Mississauga or Scarborough. The initial mail depot is for sure in Mississauga according to the tracking receipt. When I asked the Floor Supervisor atthe postal service,if it makes sense for the order to be returned all the way to Mississauga, rather than for the postman who delivers to my building everyday to just deliver it tomorrow, she told me that it is more reasonable for it to returned the sender, being the store. This process is certainly not economical. “Madness – I proclaimed.”

The store where my item is waiting is two blocks away and the closest franchise store is less than one block away. You may wonder why I don’t just go a pick up my groceries, rather than order them online. Firstly it is convenient to have heavy grocery items delivered, instead of picking them up.

I contacted customer service atthe storeand explained the situation. The representative told me that she will look into the matter and see about options for having my parcel sent to me. I asked here why there is not an option for customers to choose whether they want items sent throughthis specific courier serviceor another delivery service. Also, I inquired as to why a customer cannot specify when, at which time and on which day or days they will accept delivery of their order. She agreed that this is a good idea.

Why should I, as a customer, be made to be on hand for my delivery, instead of the postal service catering to my availability. This is an issue of economy and perhaps explains the state of economy globally. Practices seem to dictate policy instead of the reverse. Companies and corporations rely on policies to be followed. Instead practices are followed in reality. Politicians speak profoundly about policies that are employed to grow the economy. These policies almost never materialize as initially intended, because they must be adjusted to practice directions of a bureaucrats who determine how they will interpret the practice directions and then create patterns of practices, which not truly knowable by anyone expect the bureaucracy where they are administered. “Madness – I proclaim.”

If customers cannot obtain their orders at their own leisure and are instead beholden inwillful readiness to stores, clerks, delivery services and who knows who else, then the economy will fail to function expeditiously. The customer does not work for the store. Surely the store works for the customer. The Floor Supervisor told me that the postal service works for the store and not for me, as the customer.




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