Frequency of Change – Or Change of Frequency?

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”― Nikola Tesla

Do we feel our soul and do we understand how it encompasses and permeates us? Is speech more of a physical or spiritual activity? When we speak we are utilizing various components of our physicality, from our lungs, our mouth numerous other physical components. But the words we say are not just vibrations effecting the displacement of air. Our words are expressions of our ideas.

Without ideas there would perhaps be no state of existence. We are primarily our mind. The mind supervenes the brain. The brain process ideas and in turn we communicate these ideas to other people through speech and by writing, among other modalities.

When we speak we bring out our soul into the world. This in turn shapes the world and develops it. Our ideas and our speech surely have the greatest ability to effect change in the world. Is this process influential because we live in more of a spiritual reality than a physical one?

Before we dismiss this postulation, let us consider that we know that all matter is composed of molecules or on more focused level of quarks – particles carrying an electrical charge. Electricity is a channeled form of energy. We are likewise channels or vessels for the channeled energy of our soul.

Phenomenology Continued

The gateway to the light is a direct path.  Along the journey there are many distractions and distortions to confuse ones otherwise clearly guided voyage. For one has an enormous stream of energy and there are the extraneous forces that want to absorb some of the energy. In order to grasp the energy they strive to take one off course, bit by bit.

The energy is never lost or fully absorbed, it is only an illusion. One can resume course and regain the seemingly possessed energy. One only needs strive to return towards the light and embrace it fully. For one can only move on one path at a time and one can be harnessed by one rider at a time. The rider must be The Light. For light moves at the fastest speed possible, while with the greatest measurable precision.

To avoid distractions on the journey, one needs to shield oneself, by engulfing oneself in light through a modified channel. Blinding as it might seem to any observer, one who is encapsulated within the light can see with extreme clarity and focus. Dispensing bits of the light, to those who can see none of their own, acts to refine one’s own light. For the shared light constantly returns to the one who initially shared it, through the vessels of transference. The light was initially shared from the initial source. Therefore it constantly returns to and is dispensed from that source – all the while redistributing of itself, to all possible recipients.

The light shines as a countenance upon the face and is focused through the eyes. In every direction it shines and is equally viewed, while not necessarily perceived. Into the mirror of the construct, the light shines. It reflected infinitely within and without. There is no possible increase or decrease of the light. Instead it is flows through the vessels and within oneself.

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Greatest tool for attracting website traffic is diversity of content and a unique image that shows you are upbeat. Diversity of content can include articles on a variety of topics, lists of projects completed and any media details about your achievements.

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When writing the article you should consider that while it needs to be informative it should also be interesting and written using plain language. Also, try to use upbeat language and write the content in a way that will be perceived positively by your reader. Use puns and jokes sparingly. But humor is definitely a plus for your article to happily received by your readership.

In your article, make references to other experts and their work. You might not want to direct your readers to other experts that might up-stage you. But this should not concern you. Listing other experts on the set topic will demonstrate your full knowledge of the topic and the relevant commentators on it. Possibly by listing these experts will result in them doing the same for you in their articles and on their website.

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Observations in The Prosecutors Office (Poem)

Observing the law in action, trying to contain my reaction,

Could not believe the explanations I heard, bizarre and absurd,

Before the courts defendants arguing torts when charged with Provincial Offences,

Some defendants were ordered to mend fences, remedy infractions of a by-law,

I could not believe what I saw,

Fines imposed, indiscretions exposed, guilty pleas and abstainees,

Explanations, hesitations, regurgitations, exaggerations and inconsistencies,

In the court, codes for behaviour, stories to savour,

Law in motion, focused notion,

Various characters, with accents abound, no humour permitted all around,

With wisdom and reason arguments were made, and defendants without a defence quickly paid,

Speeding, not heeding signs and getting in binds, among the charges before the court,

Summaries made in short, some accused thought the court heard matters of tort,

So much I learnt, about manners, pleasantries and respect,

Attire, from shirts to shoes and pants one must not neglect,

For ones appearance sets the stage for ones image and could perhaps affect the notes on the page,

Charges reduced and withdrawn, some drivers were speeding awhile before dawn,

Cars crashed, defendants smashed, excuses abash, heartfelt stories and payments of cash,

Lessons learnt, defendants scurnt, and new directions committed,

Promises made, fees paid and surcharges abound,

For even smiles sometimes create a sound, Restrain your laugh here there is no gaffe!



Thought Processes Postulations

Is it possible to have more than one thought at a time? To be able to walk and chew gum at the same time is an interesting capability. To be able to rub ones belly and pat ones head simultaneously are considered by some to be rare accomplishments. But are these activities actually more than one thought at a time?

Automatic or innate physical capacity for synchronic movements might operate from an unconscious part of the brain that permits for seemingly natural dexterity. These processes are not necessarily what we will term as thoughts. Instead, thoughts will be defined as actively conscious ideas. These cognitions are only possible one at a time or one at any one instant.

Having established that only one thought is possible at any one instant, we now investigate if this process can be modified. Perception of the five senses of sight, sound, smell, taste and touch are also possible one at a time. But what if sound was introduced into ear – into the sense of sound – at the same instant as a thought as being processed? Would this dual introduction of two inputs overload the brain?

For that matter would the effort to actually experience more than one of the sensory perceptions at any one moment change the way the brain perceives of the sensations of these senses? Are the sensory experiences perceived by the brain or projected from the brain outwards in the world and into ones physical being? Does one actually feel their sensations from their sensory experience or is all experience mental; occurring solely within the brain itself?

Humor Is it Funny?

Jokes are funny. Cynicism can be moderately humorous too! But what makes us laugh at humor? Perhaps we have a desire to laugh – we only need a reason. With less face-to-face communication, we appreciate any sense of humor, in which we can delight. Smiling faces and smiley faces of all varieties, with winks and kisses are all the buzz online and on your communication device. But perhaps, all of this texting / messaging, binging, pinging and other ”–inging” is preventing clear communication. So any opportunity to smile face-to-face, with others, is surely a welcomed opportunity. A good joke is the best way to start the day, or at anytime.

But what is it about good joke that causes us to chuckle or laugh? Is it the timing of the joke?  Is it the  delivery, or the concluding phrase, which makes us smirk, smile or feel an internal tickle that will likely result in laughter?

Maybe our response to the humor-gaining methods is related our mood. Or maybe, our response to the stimulus – the comedian telling anecdotes or jokes – depends on the wit and sass of the comic. Why is it that some comedians start of their bit by insulting the audience? Is this so that whatever they say next, will be perceived as better than initial insult and thereby be considered funny?

Do the comedian’s jokes even need too be funny? Some comics use swearing, cursing, mocking and negative statements and phrases to get a laugh from the audience. Do these comics deliver their bit in this way, because they believe that the audience is desperate to release stress and tension? Needing a good laugh so dearly, that just about anything the comedian says will generate at least a smirk? Can a smile bring about laughter?

What about Laughter Yoga? This is a fun method – if I am correct in my understanding – where a group of people sit in a circle, and smile at one another, until they all begin to laugh. No jokes, puns, innuendos, insults, negativity or any other “silly stuff”. But all of the group members eventually begin to laugh, and share in the collective fun, without a word being uttered.

Speaking of group laughter, what about improvisational comedy skits, with role-playing. This is great spontaneous fun? What about Theatre Sports for engaging humor? In this system of interactive comedy, the audience members are invited to participate in the skit. But each chosen participant will need to improvise their role and their lines? Surely, this is great fun. In this method, the audience members are  creating the laughing process for themselves while having great fun. Funny stuff : )