Top Tips To Increase Website Speed

This article is mainly for WordPress websites and written by Brandswon Team

  • If you want to be sure your website is fast enough, then you can utilize this free tool from Google: Page Speed Insights.
  • If after testing your website’s speed, you may have decided that it does not load fast enough, then you can use this handy tool from Google to upload Module to ‘optimize your site automatically. Page Speed Modules.
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  • Next you will want to figure out which plugins are slowing down your website. This plugin is a great tool for determining, which plugins are costing you more resources than they are worth in terms of usefulness.
  • You can also test the cache on your website with this WordPress plugin: WPSuperCache
  • Before adding any plugins to your website you should verify that they have no malware or other issues, by testing them for WordPress Plugin Vulnerabilities, in the WP Scan Vulnerability Database.
  • Backing Up your SQL Database is a must before adding any new content to your website, including plugins.
  • You will want to ensure you are maximizing space in the server of your hosting account. Compressing images is a great way to save space. This plugin seems to work well: WPSmushIt
  • Files and content can also take up a lot of space in your hosting account. A great plugin to compress files is WPGzipNinjaSpeedCompression.
  • You may not realize that you have saved drafts and duplicate posts. A great way to clean up your database without running manual queries is by using this plugin: WP-Optimize.
  • Finally, you delete unnecessary plugins, content, and files from, both your website and hosting account. In your hosting account, you could have duplicate Databases and other files, which may be slowing down your website.
  • Any content, file, or even unnecessary code can be causing your website to load more slowly than it should. If all else fails, contact an expert Webmaster for assistance.

Web Design is part of ranking a website highly on the Internet organically. User experience is important to ensure that visitors stay on various pages of a website for a substantial period of time. This will keep the bounce rate to a minimum and build up a strong reputation for your website with Google and other Search Engines.

A fast-loading website will increase the likelihood of visitors perusing various pages of your website.

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