Create a Great Website for Your Business

How to create a unique design for your commercial website?

In a highly competitive environment, it is necessary to maintain your competitiveness. An up-to-date and well-designed website that will attract the attention of the audience and promote your products and services effectively can help you do this. 

In such a variety of commercial activities, it is very difficult to create a site that would compete with other companies and brands that are constantly developing their sites and making effective innovations. However, anything is possible, so you also have a chance to successfully create your own website. The website builder will help you with this. With his help, even an inexperienced person can create your first website for commercial purposes, without spending a lot of money. 

A nice bonus of website builders is its convenience and the availability of detailed instructions that help the user to cope with this service. As a rule, the process of building a site with the participation of such a software system is not as protracted as it would be with a web studio.

We have prepared for you some useful tips that will help you create a working and relevant design that will attract customers and contribute to the growth of website traffic.

Avoid piling up effects 

A big mistake many novice users make is that they prefer to add a lot of visual information (images, fonts, headers, animations, complex blocks, and so on). Keep in mind that an overly complex interface takes the focus of the visitor’s attention away from the information you’re trying to convey. 

Better be guided by the principle of minimalism, do not sacrifice convenience and ease of use of the site for the sake of its visual presentation. Especially if your site is designed for commerce, you should be careful with the decorations, because the most important thing for the successful functioning of the site – is his ability to quickly and clearly explain to the potential client why he should opt for your services. There are many website builders that offer a minimalistic design and do not overload the perception of the guests. Check out some good and bad website design examples.

Keep the site in the same style

In order for the site to be perceived by the audience holistically and adequately, it is worth working on the similarity of its details. Avoid using different fonts and font sizes, and try to do everything in a single color scheme, occasionally diluting it with other colors that match the primary color. So you emphasize the solidity of his site and its seriousness. Users do not like blatancy and piling different elements, so be guided by common sense and good taste. Restraint, brevity and harmony of all the elements of the site will have a positive impact on customers because they will not distract their attention to flashy images and different forms of text. 

Make your site mobile-friendly

Since most purchases around the world are made by users via mobile devices, it makes sense to create a mobile version of your site for the convenience of your customers. This will do you a great deal of good, because cell phones are available to people almost all the time, and using a PC or laptop is not always comfortable. The ability to purchase goods and services quickly is one of the main conditions for successful commerce.

Provide full information on the website

It is in your interest to make sure that your site reflects as much information about your services as possible, it is necessary in order to interest customers. Add product descriptions and photos so that customers can find what they need. Truthful information will increase the customer’s confidence in you and become a winning point for you. If you also give customers the opportunity to leave honest feedback about products and services, you will gain a reputation for honest and reliable sites, and as you know, people tend to trust the opinion of other users.

Set up convenient payment systems

If your brand is focused on the international market, then you should increase the choice of payment systems for your site, so that customers from different countries have the opportunity to buy goods or services in a convenient way for them. The most popular ones are 

Visa and MasterCard, but don’t forget that there are also Apple Pay, PayPal, Google Pay and others. The more of them you have on your website, the more users will be able to make purchases from you, which primarily benefits you. Just think how great it is that your site’s services can bring people all over the world together. 

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