How to boost your business with PPC Advertising?

Do you want your business found faster on the Internet?

What is PPC?

As the name suggests term PPC which stands for Pay – Per – Click; is the digital marketing and advertising model, which runs across different internet platforms. But which seems to have become most likened to Google AdWords campaigns. 

In Pay Per Click advertising campaigns a business pays for every click by an Internet user, onto an online advertisement, which usually redirects the user to the main page or landing page of the promoted business. The Pay Per Click bid rate can range, from a few cents to many dollars. 

The Pay Per Click AdWords campaign option, offered by Google seems to produce the most profound digital marketing strategy, which is a full-fledged way to ensure business growth. It is considered by many business owners to be the most successful form of online advertising.

The Pay Per Click promotional strategy seems to offer reliable returns, by highlighting the brand identity on multiple digital platforms, of which Facebook Ads are another popular choice for this online promotional campaign model. Being a ubiquitous advertising style, PPC is quickly becoming one of the most sought-after strategies for brand recognition on the Internet.

As a result, business entities across the world are making the best use of this impactful strategy, to create powerful brand impact through Pay Per Click campaigns. Another useful paid digital marketing tool is Pay Per Impression, which is another form of Google Ads.  But which is really the best option for Internet marketing for an upcoming emerging business brand?

How PPC works?

Though there are several formats for executing PPC campaigns. But there are three most commonly used PPC types, which include: Search Ads, Display Ads, and Social Media Paid Ads. Search Ads are the ones where the PPC algorithm works on platforms like Google, Bing, Yahoo, et cetera, to effectively showcase your business brand on your popular Search Engines.

Campaigns for Display Ads or Google AdSense ads, however, utilize components of graphic and banner ads, which are displayed on third-party partner websites, whereas social media paid advertisements are used on social media platforms to increase brand visibility. 

As a result, PPC campaigns can function as a blended mixture of several Internet advertising formats. The requirement of each campaign style may vary based on the business industry or sector. Regardless of which PPC advertising strategy is employed, all PPC campaigns offer unique opportunities to lift a business brand into the limelight. 

Why to choose PPC Advertising?

The PPC option provides immense support to the overall process of generating online visitor traffic to your business website. With the right PPC strategy, your Internet marketing campaign can boost conversion rates. As a result, Pay Per Click advertising has become the prominent choice of the digital marketing mill, in recent times, where the majority of website traffic is generated across multiple digital media platforms.

In fact, 79% of the brands that use PPC believe that it is a powerful driving force for the growth and stability of digital media strength for their online business brand identity.

  • Immediate Results and Consistency:  PPC is all about taking advantage of short–term marketing windows, like: product launches, holidays, special events and seasonal sales. The more diverse, yet goal-oriented a PPC campaign is, the better are the chances for success. By increasing strong visibility of your business brand on major Search Engines, increases the likelihood of website visitors and  conversions of the visits  into sales. Be sure to build and retain the confidence of website visitors, which will likely bring immediate and long-term results. 
  • Contribute to Business Revenue Goal:  Like other marketing strategies, PPC advertising contributes to prominent business KPIs; the sincere adherence of which brings desired revenue. According to the market study of Google, an average business entity earns $2 as revenue for every $1 spent on Google Ads, which is a prominent type of PPC Advertising. Evidently, the Return on Investment (ROI) through PPC is 2:1 if the campaigns are effectively designed and professionally managed.
  • Greater Control Over Budget: This form of online advertising offers a greater level of control over budget, since the business only has to pay for the actual clicks on an ad that links to the business website. Moreover,  business entities with budget constraints can choose to spend a preset amount on a PPC campaign, based on their digital marketing strategies. 
  • Targeted Advertising: Besides providing control over budget,PPC campaigns provide focused control over specific audiences. Thus, only the relevant and genuinely interested Search Engine users come across the displayed ad, which increases conversion rates. The market study suggests that on average three fourths (75%) of Internet users claim that when surfing the Internet, PPC Ads makes it easier to find the right information faster and more easily. 
  • Improves Website Position:  The Search Engine PPC campaign works in close alignment with Search Engines, like: Google, Bing, Yahoo and other major Search Engines.  The main focus of PPC advertising campaigns is on focused keywords that are likely to be often searched by a targeted audience or intended demographic. 
  • To earn a higher Google Quality Score, which will ultimately improve the overall page rank of the website, be sure to choose the right keywords, by utilizing the free tool offered by Google, known as the Keyword Planner. Moreover, PPC provides faster results than SEO, which is usually part of a longer term ranking strategy. The statistical data from inbound visit to websites, suggests that almost 50% of the visits on a retailer’s website are the result of a PPC campaign.

How to boost your business with PPC Advertising?

Including a PPC campaign in your business branding strategy is the smart decision that most business enterprises are making today. This choice is rooted in  the immediate results-driven approach. Though PPC may seem to be the simplest digital marketing model to adopt. 

PPC functions based on certain precise algorithms within the Google Search Engine. This marketing strategy is highly content-focused. It provides a great advantage over competitor analysis, keyword research, and platform algorithms. 

When aiming to plan a PPC campaign strategy it becomes important to consider expert digital marketers who understand all ebbs and flow of the digital marketing spectrum. 

To begin a successful Pay Per Click campaign begin your strategy by finding the right digital marketing company that excels in paid advertising promotion.  If you plan to launch a PPC campaign to boost your digital marketing in Canada, then you should choose the highly seasoned Internet marketing team, at Brands Won Digital Marketing Agency, via their website: and begin the journey towards effectively growing the brand identity of your business enterprise.

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