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Marketing Ideas for Senior Entrepreneurs

There are a growing number of seniors who are establishing their own businesses or embarking on a second career. If you’re a senior who’s new to the more modern business landscape, you might need ideas on how to diversify your marketing strategies to make your company more profitable.

There are over 2.5 million people in Canada who fall within the 60 to 64 age group, where there’s reportedly an exponential growth of entrepreneurs.

Senior entrepreneurs will need to invest capital in both off-line and online marketing, which means saving money where possible. Consider doing the following: Use free tools. There are plenty of free online tools, YouTube guides, tutorials, and resources available to you.

Hiring full-time employees is a financial and emotional commitment. There are several trustworthy outsourcing websites for you to find the perfect match. Incorporate your business. Incorporating your business will give you access to a much lower tax rate than being taxed as an individual. Use a formation service.

To avoid lawyers fees, you can use a formation service to file articles of incorporation and other paperwork. You can also do this yourself. There are a number of ways for you to market your business both online and offline.


People need a face behind a brand and someone they can trust. To establish trust with potential buyers and clients, host a small workshop. You don’t need to spend a lot of money. The idea of the workshop is to introduce yourself and your product and gain support. Choose a cafe, restaurant, or private room somewhere and offer complimentary snacks.CompetitionsTo build your social media presence, consider running an online photo contest to get people to like your page. The more people you reach, the bigger your audience becomes.


Ditch manual emails and send messages via a free online email marketing platform, where you can track open rates and use the templates provided. Use these platforms to send emails, store mailing lists, and create templates. Referrals and Referral marketing can include anything from word of mouth to awards and incentives for pointing people in the direction of your company.

Networking Events

Keep an eye out for industry-related trade shows and events and attend as many as possible. If it’s financially viable, book a spot to introduce your business. Business Partnerships Partner with other businesses to promote your own product. If you own a beauty product, approach local hotels and ask if they’ll stock your item. Start by offering free samples.

Digital Presence

Creating a strong brand will do wonders for your business. Find a brand specialist to help establish your creative presence online. Social media platforms can be overwhelming, so select a few you’re comfortable with and focus your energy on those.

A good-looking website with original content optimized for the web will help establish a strong presence.

Embracing Your Next Chapter

Starting a second career or launching a new business in the next phase of your life can be overwhelming, but there are plenty of resources at your fingertips.

Contact Brands Won digital marketing agency for original content for your company and get up and running online, in no time.

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