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Frequency of Change – Or Change of Frequency?

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”― Nikola Tesla Do we feel our soul and do we understand how it encompasses and permeates us? Is speech more of a physical or spiritual activity? When we speak we are utilizing various components of our physicality, […]

Phenomenology Continued

The gateway to the light is a direct path.  Along the journey there are many distractions and distortions to confuse ones otherwise clearly guided voyage. For one has an enormous stream of energy and there are the extraneous forces that want to absorb some of the energy. In order to grasp the energy they strive […]

Tower Steel Buildings

Tower Steel Buildings is your one stop shop for multiple use steel buildings. Our steel buildings can be used for all purposes. Steel buildings can be used for a small one car garage or as storage shed; all the way up to a multi-million square foot manufacturing facility. Steel buildings can be utilized for home […]

Civil and Family Law Office

We are a multi-discipline boutique firm with an emphasis on family law and civil litigation. Civil proceedings can be brutal and psychologically traumatic ordeals.  We have decades of experience to ease you through the traumatic experience of getting a divorce or being sued. Family Law matters are extremely complex and emotional ordeals. Let us ensure […]

Observations in The Prosecutors Office (Poem)

Observing the law in action, trying to contain my reaction, Could not believe the explanations I heard, bizarre and absurd, Before the courts defendants arguing torts when charged with Provincial Offences, Some defendants were ordered to mend fences, remedy infractions of a by-law, I could not believe what I saw, Fines imposed, indiscretions exposed, guilty […]

Thought Processes Postulations

Is it possible to have more than one thought at a time? To be able to walk and chew gum at the same time is an interesting capability. To be able to rub ones belly and pat ones head simultaneously are considered by some to be rare accomplishments. But are these activities actually more than […]

Humor Is it Funny?

Jokes are funny. Cynicism can be moderately humorous too! But what makes us laugh at humor? Perhaps we have a desire to laugh – we only need a reason. With less face-to-face communication, we appreciate any sense of humor, in which we can delight. Smiling faces and smiley faces of all varieties, with winks and […]

Ad Words Options

To be sure, you want to be found online for the right keywords, as you believe them to be in actuality. Whether you have chosen the correct keywords and / or description is another matter. Yes these parameters influence your position on the Internet. But if you go the route of Ad Words, then you […]

Proposal Speeches

Proposal As I present to you this ring, My heart does sing. Let us join two into one, Before the setting of the sun, A bridge of our souls, Let us begin to share our goals. Please say yes, Don’t make me guess. I propose to give you my best, You are unique among all […]