Proposal Speeches


As I present to you this ring,

My heart does sing.

Let us join two into one,

Before the setting of the sun,

A bridge of our souls,

Let us begin to share our goals.

Please say yes,

Don’t make me guess.

I propose to give you my best,

You are unique among all the rest.

Marry me,

Happy we will be! – Copywriting, Content Composed, Speech Writing and Marketing. Options.


In you walked and danced as you moved in rhythm,

Your body made lines as fine as a prism,

A glow shone about you – in every direction,

From your ever bursting light I shielded myself for protection,

You spoke words, but I only heard sounds,

Undone have you my reality by great bounds,

In love with you I am and have always been,

How you treated me should be counted a sin,

Cold you were to the touch,

Icy was your demeanor – much too much,

You had me wrapped around your finger,

In my being you will always linger,

I do not recall when you left,

Your absence has made me feel bereft,

My snare remains ever cleft!

Soul Mates

There is a soulmate for everyone, just ask around,

Not a casual dating partner or some fool on the rebound,

There is a special match for you,

It is real and surely true,

To have and to hold,

To stand strong and be bold,

You will find that person who is your other half,

It may take some time and effort to separate the wheat from the chaff,

You must shepherd your lost sheep,

Comfort it with a big hug even during sleep,

There is soulmate for everyone,

Sometimes spiritual matters get lost when people are just looking for fun.


Images pour forth with great strides,

Reflections spread out on all sides,

Movements glide forth like tides,

From the bright shine of the Sun,

Light bursts outward – like a homerun,

In the air – fragrance of cinnamon wafts, from hot cross buns,

The sights are awesome all around,

So much celebration and sound,

Singers and dancers abound,

At the carnival are seen great sights,

Clowns with smiles brighter than lights,

Jugglers so precise – spinning objects like dice,

With the sweet smell of cotton candy in the air,

Mimes mimicking one another with flair,

The circus tent is the lions’ new lair,

Audience sits in suspense, as the tight rope walker starts to tread,

Spectators munch softly on gingerbread,

Elephants move only as led,

Crack of the whip starts the show,

Shining ornaments, on ponies, cause the tent to glow,

Everyone can see centre stage – no matter their row,

Each seat has a gift wrapped with a bow,

Acrobats flip about, and steal the show,

Celebration and cheer all around – every smile seems to glow.

Poetry by Zack Steel, published Poet. Review more of his compositions on

Mean In Business

You want to make money so you choose to do business. What you mean by business, however, may not be the same as potential business clients. Being busy or occupying your time with a state of busi-ness not necessarily equal commerce.

You obviously enter the realm of business to generate revenue and hopefully amass a profit, in the process. There are others who will prefer to generate money from your efforts and have you work for free. They will promises you money at a future date, based on work you will do for them today.

A simple example, in the realm of Web Design, is a customer requests that you rank them on the front page of Google and / or other Search Engines and promises to pay your monthly maintenance fee to keep their website on the front page. They might even offer added incentives if you rank their website number one for its keywords.

If you are a reasonable business person, then you immediately realize that any future money deal is certainly unreal. You need bill, either for your time and / or in stages. You can set benchmarks, which if met should result in payment, according to set terms and / or a Fee Schedule.

Other mean business practices include a customer or client asking for seemingly infinite edits to their website, long after they have approved it as finalized. You can certainly edit and improve the website, but not for free. You need to set parameters and to specify costs to be added, after the initial project is complete. Otherwise, you cannot run a successful business. To be in business and to run an enterprise of commerce you need always be earning money.

One alternative type of mean business practice, is for a inquiring pest – who continuously wants to learn about your business and its services, or wants – to ask endless questions about your business; simply out of curiosity. While it is reasonable to answer inquiries professionally, some people make it a hobby to learn about various businesses. You can answer as many questions, as are posed by prospective clients, but be sure to bill for your time, as part of a fee for each consultation.

As a business owner you should never be rude to anyone. But you need to be stern and direct. You do not offer free advice or work as a volunteer, unless you are in fact volunteering for a good cause, on behalf of not-for-profit organization.


Diamond Details

Here are some suggestions to consider when meeting with a professional jewelry consultant, at a jewelry store or with a wholesale jeweler.

What does clarity mean when it comes to diamonds?

Does the way the diamond is cut make a difference?

What colors are there for diamonds?

What are carats?

There are certainly finer points to consider, such as levels or degrees of clarity, sizing, finish and the actual size, style and weight of the diamond.

When purchasing a diamond, you are buying a seemingly indestructible piece of the world, which has been carefully mined from selected places in the earth. A diamond is a rare part of history. The history of the world and hopefully your shared history in a special relationship with your significant other, whether it be a husband, wife or life partner.

Some diamonds are clear and totally transparent, while other may be slightly cloudy or have a minor haze, with options for increasing opaquness. More opaque diamonds allow less light to shine through them and are usually priced at a lower cost than translucent diamonds. The more translucent a diamond is the more easily light can pass through it. Diamonds with blemishes of inclusions of imperfections are itemized according to a classification chart.


Among the more popular diamond shapes are:
  • asscher
  • bouquet cut
  • brilliant (cone)
  • cushion
  • emerald
  • halo
  • marquise
  • oval
  • princess
  • pear shape
  • cushion
  • trillium

Diamonds exist in a variety of colors. Diamonds may appear as being steel gray, white,blue, yellow, orange, red, green, pink to purple, brown, and even black.

These 19 diamond diagrams make your jewelry shopping experience even easier. 

Diamonds are sold by the carat, which is actually a unit of weight (ct. carat total, ctw: carat total weight).  The difference between carat total and carat total weight can be reviewed on Beyond 4 C’s.

A carat does not mean or determine the size or shape of the diamond. The word carat comes from Italian ‘carato’, which comes from Arabic qīrāṭ قيراط, in turn borrowed from Greek kerátion κεράτιον ‘carob seed’.  The carob seed was the original unit of measure for ancient diamond traders, because the mass was believed to vary only slightly, typically 5% or so. A carat is equal to exactly 0.2 grams (about the weight of a paper clip). A carat is divided into 100 points. A diamond weighing 50 points, is the equivalent to 0.50 carats.

The metric carat, was adopted in 1907 at the Fourth General Conference on Weights and Measures,[1]and soon afterwards in many countries around the world.[2] The carat is divisible into one hundred points of two milligrams each. Other subdivisions, and slightly different mass values, have been used in the past in different locations.

In terms of diamonds, a paragon is a flawless stone of at least 100 carats (20 g).[3]

SPIN Doctors

In every arena of life there are issues that arise. In politics for example, politicians can ‘slip up’ by saying the wrong thing. Making an inappropriate statement or saying something that is totally unrelated to the question posed or not inline with their seeming campaign strategy, is often the norm for politicians.
The reasons politicians say the so-called wrong thing from time to time, is due to their speeches being written by speechwriters. If the composed text does not resonate with the politician, then they may intentionally blunder the entire speech, or worse yet inadvertently misstate only part of the speech.

It is a mystery, to me, why politicians do not write their own speeches. This process would ensure that they will not make any mistake when giving it over to an audience. Perhaps they are too busy developing policies and attending debates to be able to pen their own text.

In the realm of celebrity, movie stars, television stars and even actors on commercials do not write their own lines. Improvisation is not possible, because everything must be scripted and reviewed by editors. Even interviews are prepared for in advance with the assistance of a coach.

SPIN Doctors are also involved in repairing marketing messes. If a company incorrectly advertises product with inaccurate specifications or wrong price, then a SPIN Doctor will be employed to reiterate the advertisement to read the right way, while retaining the business brand and being reliable. A company’s image is worth far more than the cost of hiring a marketing expert of Public Relations firm to repair an advertisement or ad campaign.

What happens, however, when a speech is not said as written and not presented as initially intended? SPIN Doctors are needed to remedy the sickness of wrong words spoken. Corporate Communicators, Publicists, Public Relations Advisers and ad agencies can come to the rescue by putting a SPIN on the misstatements or other blunders.

SPIN Doctors will restate what was said and explain what was really meant, by what was erroneously said. SPIN Doctors apply a healing remedy to correct the ‘sickness’ of silly statements. They may recommend a retraction of seemingly inaccurate quote. The misspoken presenters may need to appear in some positive campaign commercials or be a guest on a talk show to re-present their image and regain their status.

Who are the best SPIN Doctors? Where can they be found? Probably wherever the money is the most ample supply. The definition of a SPIN Doctor is a professional who manages the reinstatement of an image for a person of notoriety. SPIN Doctors are required everywhere and at times.

Free Market Domain Illusions

It may perhaps be an illusion that there exists somewhere or anywhere a free market, in some democracy in the world. This is a bold statement and perhaps presumptuous.

But if there is a place in the world with a truly free market economy, then I would like to be the first to know about it. In many seeming free market economies there is much red tape that still restricts the buying, selling and trading of goods and services. As well there are monopolies that govern the marketplace and which form collective partnerships with related businesses to control the market.

One such example is the domain name industry. In this electronic realm of commerce there is almost no regulation. Registrars do as they please with domain names they sell. They can and do set the price of domain extensions in partnership with Registries. They limit the listing of domain names for auction on their websites. all the while allowing nearly identical domain names to be listed for sale on their portal.

This control and autonomous power of the Internet is due to the fact that the Internet is not regulated by the government. “The Obama administration is months away from deciding whether the United States Government will continue to provide oversight over core functions of the Internet and protect it from authoritarian regimes that view the Internet as a way to increase their influence and suppress freedom of speech,” Cruz said in a statement.“1

In the article on this link: various details are provided, which explain how the US government will relinquish what remaining control it has over the Internet. Initially the plan was to cede control to ICAAN, which is a so-called not for profit agency with assets of $99.82 million USD and revenue of $72.02 Million USD as at 2011 ( Now there are plans to let the United Nations govern the Internet. It is uncertain what this will mean for the World Intellectual Property Organization WIPO and its role in regulating internationally protected trademarks.

Now that we can be sure that there will an increasing number of countries involved in Internet regulation, it is certain that no one will really know the rules of the game. Moreover, how can non profit organization have assets of nearly $100 Million USD and revenues of more than $70 Million USD. It seems clear that no one is really overseeing the Internet, which is perhaps the largest business in the world that continues to grow at an ever-increasing rate daily.

Some domain Registrars boast of revenue of more than $1.05 Billion and some Registries, which own hundreds of the nearly 2000 new gTLDs (generic Top-Level Domains) have assets in the high Billions USD with expenditure cash of more than $100 Million USD.

Can we be sure, with all of the above said that are interests are being protected; as consumers or domainers (people who buy, sell and trade domain names)? If the domain name industry is for the most part unregulated or self regulated and the Internet will soon be totally regulated by an entity whose purpose is to govern international matters of peace and harmony, then who is ‘minding the online store’?



Get What You Want In Business

A question well put and almost never clearly answered is: “How can I get what I want in business?”

The “Rolling Stones” rock band had a song entitled: “You Can’t Always Get What You Want”, the lyrics of the song continued “But you if try sometimes, you may find that get what you need.” This is a truism is life. Even though you may not be able to get what you want, “if you try, then you get what you need.”

They key to getting what you want, “what you really really want” (Spice Girls, Wannabe song) is by trying. Making an effort is the first step in a short journey to acquiring you desired service, product or other item / entity in the world.

Persistence is vital to reaching your objective. This law of persistence is in fact “The 50th Law”, according to the author of “The 48 Laws of Power”, Robert Greene. He explains that the “50th Law” is being diligent and resourceful. Making a small or minimal effort is not sufficient to achieve one’s goals. Rather one must strive with great vigor to fulfill one’s goals.

Mr. Greene’s claims that the essential component in fulfilling the 50th Law is not getting bored. Even if one does become bored or frustrated in going through a repetitive routine, this pattern is required for self-mastery of the subject or process one aims to master.

Through persistence, with a positive attitude, one can learn any new skill and complete any objective. Stay constantly positive and upbeat and counter boredom with inspiring quotes or aphorisms. Focus on your objective, imagine that you have already met it in the world of thought and then work towards actualizing your goal in the tangible or real world.

When communicating with company representatives be sure not waste your time with people who do not have decision-making authority. You may get the same answers to your repeatedly asked questions. This runaround is pointless. Some levels of works or tier of customer / technical support have been specifically trained to offer standard replies to inquiries and / or complaints. They will offer a robotic continuous retinue of replies to certain questions.

After a few initial questions that seem to lead nowhere you to changeup your strategy and request to speak with a supervisor or manager at the company. If the representative(s) are unwilling to transfer your call to a superior employee you can inquire with managers or directors of boards or agencies that regulate the industry, in which the company is positioned. Regulatory boards can offer useful advice and can connect with high-level managers at companies in industries, which they oversee. They can also recommend options that the company employ to resolve your issue. All the while, they are documenting your issue. You can request copies of your complaint later on to be used at meeting for resolution.

If you are offered compensation for a service that was not provided or a credit for a faulty product, graciously accept the gratuity. Be careful that the reimbursement or complimentary offer is of relative value to your financial loss. It is advisable to request a day or so, if possible to adequately review and properly consider any form of compensation or credit from a business entity.

Gateway to Finance

This is the Gateway to Finance for New Canadian Professionals 

How does an international banking professional begin their career here in Canada? By pursuing the gateway to finance professional can achieve success. To land on the right foot, a financial professional, from a foreign marketing background, must start out in a non-traditional role. Embarking on a job, at a financial services company, such as Clarica, could be the correct move for a new Canadian to make; especially if they have aspirations to work for a bank, or related employer in the future.

While this type of job might only pay commission and / or a small base salary, or offer a draw against future earnings; there are benefits for pursuing this path. Firstly, this type of work will allow one to get their feet wet in the financial services industry, and to become familiar with local, and national laws and regulatory practices, for the financial sector in Canada. Secondly, one will become familiar with industry specific terminology, and work practices. Thirdly, one will make contacts in the banking sector, which could result in a job offer at a future time.

To reach the upper echelon of the financial ladder, sometimes one must begin humbly, and start a few notches lower on the totem pole, than one might desire. Thereafter, one can aim high. Based on their acquired reputation in the financial services industry, one will eventually reach great heights.

Our role in the employment services industry is to survey the marketplace. Our goal is to find out what are the best starting points for New Canadians to expediently set newcomers on the right path. We do this by directing them to community-based groups, which are usually financed by the government; or in some cases by philanthropists, who want these supports to be in place to benefit the community.

Having worked diligently to amass their fortunes, these captains of industry want to help newcomers, and those who have recently entered the job-market, to easily advance in their market-sector. Obstacles that newcomers and native-born workers will face are similar. These challenges can include: language (industry specific terminology), culture (corporate culture) and social norms.

To be successful in the financial services industry, you will need to understand the structure the financial world and know the inner workings of it in the country and region where you plan to work. Without the right tools, which are to be gained through the accumulation of knowledge and diligent work efforts, you will not have the remuneration you had planned.

Jewelry Rocks

Based in Thornhill, Ontario; we feature a vast selection of certified diamond engagement rings.

We specialize in his and hers wedding rings, men’s diamonds rings, chains, bracelets, necklaces, pendants and much more.

Our qualified jeweler, Daniel, is an established wholesale jeweler whose main focus is on diamond engagement rings.

Wholesale Jewelry Toronto ensures the lowest prices in the GTA for high quality authentic jewelry.

Retail stores have massive overhead costs, which include: high costs for rent, staff and other additional fees.

Daniel’s business model is simple. Keep the overhead cost lower and pass on the savings to customers.

Save big on vast selection of beautiful jewelry.

All types of design options are available for: engagement rings, wedding bands, bracelets, necklaces, pendants, chains and more.

You will have the opportunity to deal directly with a trained expert for the jewelry you want. Gorgeous selection of jewelry for a special occasion,
or just to show your appreciation.

Daniel features a vast array of specialty rings and unique pendants.

Wholesale Jewelry Toronto features a wide array of jewelry. Our selection includes; rings with precious stones, white and yellow gold,and non-enhanced natural white diamonds, emeralds and rubies; as well as many other crown jewels.

Daniel’s strong relationships with suppliers ensures top quality jewelry items at the lowest prices possible.

You will be very satisfied with your purchase. Kindly let Daniel know how he can immediately resolve any concern you may have about your purchase.

All jewelry items are made of white or yellow solid unplated gold, comprised of 10k, 14k, or 18k; depending on a desired item.

All diamonds are non-enhanced natural white diamonds.

Rings are priced at $700+ and come certified, with a detailed appraisal certificate; graded by a licensed gemologist.

Options for Your Budget: Jewelry items under $700 can be sent for appraisal, at a $35 fee.

Your purchased jewelry item can be insured against: damage, loss, theft, et cetera; using the appraisal certificate.

Appraisal includes: name, address, contact information of the gemologist, file number, and documented photograph of your item.

Actual retail value of the jewelry item is specified for insurance purposes.

Same day service for ring resizing. Jewelry polishing is available, upon request.

Wholesale Jewelry Toronto is conveniently located in Thornhill, Ontario – beside the Walmart Superstore.

Non-local customers can also purchase jewelry. Kindly contact Daniel for desired jewelry item by phone at: 647-834-2944, or by e-mail at:

Shipping includes: tracking, insurance and signature confirmation, upon receipt of item(s).

Payments can be made by PayPal, e-transfer, money order or by personal cheque.

Please allow 5-10 business days for cleared cheque payment before shipment of your purchase.


Pave It Right the First Time

Article By Zack Steel and Alex Korolev

At Century Paving & Construction, we specialize in the NEW INSTALLATIONS of ASPHALT, INTERLOCKING STONE, NATURAL STONE DESIGN, CONCRETE and STAMPED CONCRETE. We also provide needed repairs and restorations to interlocking stone, concrete, stamped concrete and natural stone surfaces.

Our quality installations, attention to detail and warranty are unsurpassed in the construction industry.

We take pride in our workmanship, as well as in the planning and design of your project.

Our dedication to your project is absolute and will ultimately enhance the beauty, comfort and curb-appeal of your home; while providing durability, added value and lasting functionality.

 By providing services in many fields, CENTURY PAVING & CONSTRUCTION eliminates your need to deal with multiple contractors.  This translates to saving you valuable time and money.

 We would be pleased to offer you a PROFESSIONAL CONSULTATION, and  A FREE ESTIMATE on your next outdoor project.

Our Service Areas include:  Vaughan, Markham & York Region.


 CENTURY PAVING & CONSTRUCTION combines highly skilled workmanship, quality materials and high-tech equipment to engineer a durable and long-lasting ASPHALT driveway for your home.

 A well-paved driveway provides: Easy access, instant curb appeal and added value to your home, while maintaining affordability.

 We encourage you to ask any of our company’s representatives in regards to project details including : Scheduling, locate markings, excavations, and proper installation specifications. A well informed client is one of our top priorities.

All of our new asphalt installations come with a 1 YEAR INSTALLATION WARRANTY.

GREAT DEALS are available on ASPHALT PAVING, prior to AUGUST 1st, 2016.



CENTURY PAVING & CONSTRUCTION will provide you with beautifully, well designed CONCRETE and STAMPED CONCRETE surfaces, including:


*Garage floors


*Porch tops

*Stairs and footings


*Pool decks


ALL of our new CONCRETE and STAMPED CONCRETE installations come with a 3 YEAR INSTALLATION WARRANTY.

We provide more services for existing concrete surfaces, including: power washing, sealing and the repair and restoration of aging concrete surfaces.

Furthermore; we provide repairs to damaged concrete prior to natural stone cladding.

One of our specialties also includes the RESTORATION of damaged STAMPED CONCRETE.


CENTURY PAVING & CONSTRUCTION will transform outdoor surfaces with the timeless and beautiful durability of NATURAL STONE. We offer our clients a fantastic array of colours, textures and designs.

The luxury of natural stone will enhance and personalize all of your favourite outdoor spaces. We will provide you with the guidance and planning to help you choose a beautiful natural stoned design, which will suit your personal preferences, taste and budget.

We are FULLY COMMITTED to providing you with samples of natural stone and of design ideas.

We WILL gladly accompany you to our supplier to make your choice of natural stone easier and  more efficient. This trip to our suppliers will facilitate selection based on your own visual preferences. If, you are having trouble finalizing a design; our supplier has a broad arrangement of outdoor displays and a knowledgeable and well-trained staff.

All of our NATURAL STONE projects come with a 3 YEAR INSTALLATION WARRANTY.


CENTURY PAVING & CONSTRUCTION would be proud to create the perfect outdoor space for your home.

INTERLOCKING STONE  is available in a vast assortment of shapes, sizes,colours and of design configurations.

We deal with some of the best manufacturers and suppliers of interlocking stone, including: UNILOCK, BEST WAY STONE, TECHNO-BLOCK, RB, ALLAN BLOCK, PERMACON & OAKS.

We are instrumental in providing you with many options, which will add comfort, beauty, curb-appeal and added value to your home.


* Driveways

* Patios

* walkways

* Steps and landings

* Pool decks

* Retaining walls

* Rock gardens & water features

We only use and recommend POLYMERIC jointing sand, which helps to stabilize and bond interlocking stone, while minimizing water penetration and discouraging the appearance of weeds and insects.

All of our new INTERLOCKING STONE installations come with a 2 YEAR INSTALLATION WARRANTY.

CENTURY PAVING & CONSTRUCTION also provides the following services to all interlocking stone surfaces, such as; re-leveling, power washing, application of polymeric sand and the repairs and restorations of steps, retaining walls, curbs and other structures.

In certain cases, it is highly recommended to repair sunken interlocking surfaces, curbs and retaining walls to match proper levels of planned adjacent asphalt, PRIOR TO REPAVING.

GREAT DEALS are available on INTERLOCKING STONE DESIGN, until August 1, 2016.

Accentuate the Positive

When calling a business for any reason it is best to limit any criticism of it. You may want to point of areas of improvement. This applies, especially, if you believe that you can offer solutions to make the business better.

By providing a critique, rather than a criticism you demonstrate your commitment to building up the business, rather than tearing it down. No one wants to listen to a complainer. Certainly no one wants to listen to boasting of how great your service is in its own industry or how lucky any business is to have you work for it.

Like every area of life, it is best to blend or moderate the good with the bad. Include some pointers for improvement and then immediately offer solutions that you can provide to bring the revisions into reality. Be the champion sooner than later.

Before you make any calls or buy a calling list be sure you are ready to market your services by phone. While you will not be seen your voice will be heard and your voice needs to project your total service package. The words you say and how they are received will determine whether or not your company secures a new project. More importantly you are always putting your reputation on the line. Be sure to speak clearly and sound upbeat. A smile shines through your voice.

A top sales person once told me their secret to making great sales with every single call. They put up a mirror above their desk at their cubicle so they could be sure to smile at all times. On every call they sounded joyful and inspired the customers to be happy. Once imbued with happiness the customers will purchase the pitched services.

On any business call that is unsolicited you will likely have between 2 to 5 minutes to make your BIg Pitch. Utilize the time make your Pitch a positive one for the majority of the call. Also, be sure to include your name, company name and contact details during the first part of the call. You do not want to have your Pitch rejected and also remain unknown to this prospective client.

Even if the possible client does not want to employ your services, you want to actualize every opportunity to magnify the marketing capacity of your company with every call. Each time your business name is mentioned and / or thought of you have gained some market share. Publicity counts no matter how it occurs. Hopefully you always make a great impression.