Suggestion for How to Increase Visitors to a Website.

Greatest Tool for Attracting Website Traffic

Greatest tool for attracting website traffic is diversity of content and a unique image that shows you are upbeat. Diversity of content can include articles on a variety of topics, lists of projects completed and any media details about your achievements.

Having a link to your website displayed on another website is a great way to receive traffic to your website. But your website link should be correctly positioned on the hosting website. If possible, include your website at the bottom of an article that shows you to be a capable expert on a set topic.

When writing the article you should consider that while it needs to be informative it should also be interesting and written using plain language. Also, try to use upbeat language and write the content in a way that will be perceived positively by your reader. Use puns and jokes sparingly. But humor is definitely a plus for your article to happily received by your readership.

In your article, make references to other experts and their work. You might not want to direct your readers to other experts that might up-stage you. But this should not concern you. Listing other experts on the set topic will demonstrate your full knowledge of the topic and the relevant commentators on it. Possibly by listing these experts will result in them doing the same for you in their articles and on their website.

Make sure that your website has a reciprocal link to the website listing your article. Create as many reciprocal links as possible. You should also list social media achievements; such as being a highly ranked user of a social media platform and being a contributor to it. Having many friends / connections is a major plus in today’s online social media age. Therefore, your presented reputation will increase according to the increase in friends or connections you have.  Reputation management is a key component of digital marketing and recognition of your website.  Visitors go where they is popular. Ensure the popularity of your website by building a strong presence for your brand. Online is like the real world. Your brand speaks for your company. If it is well liked, then your business will be popular and your website often visited, by many new prospective clients. Relevance of your connections is a key to them positively endorsing and promoting you.  This is the greatest tool for attracting website traffic.

Ad Words Options

To be sure, you want to be found online for the right keywords, as you believe them to be in actuality. Whether you have chosen the correct keywords and / or description is another matter. Yes these parameters influence your position on the Internet. But if you go the route of Ad Words, then you might not care about these items.

There are factors you may want to consider before paying for ranking using Ad Words. Firstly, if you have many impressions, but few clicks, then your organic ranking will be lowered. Organic ranking is where your website is really ranked by the Search Engine based on content, amount or number of words, keywords, descriptions, cross links, referral links and whether or not your website is responsive or mobile friendly.

If you utilize Ad Words and do have many clicks for your ads, which results in visitors visiting your website, but leaving after a few seconds, then your bounce rate will be high. Having a high bounce rate will also lower your organic or real ranking. If you do not know the correct keywords for your industry, then you may purchase keywords from AdWords that are not relevant. This could result in visitors – who are not really looking for a company that provides the products or services offered by your company – finding your website and visiting it. While you may have increased your visitor rate, your bounce rate will be high and it is unlikely that you will convert any would be potential customers, known as leads or referrals into actual sales.

To be successful with an Ad Words campaign you need to have a reasonable budget to be able to afford the Pay Per Click Rate for the keywords you want to buy and use. The Pay Per Click rate will vary based on other companies bidding on the same keywords on the same day and or time of day. If you do not have a reasonable budget, then you will not be able to compete to secure the words you want at the price you can afford. Also, you will not be able to maintain a campaign, which would potentially yields results of visitors to your website.

If you are not knowledge about Search Engine Optimization, then you may want some help. If you would like some assistance with organically improving the ranking of your website, then please visit this link and review options for success:

Top Tips to Increase Website Speed

This article is mainly for WordPress websites.

If you want to be sure your website is fast enough, then you can utilize this free tool from Google: Page Speed Insights.

If after testing your website’s speed, you may have decided that it does not load fast enough, then you can use this handy tool from Google to upload Module to ‘optimize your site automatically. Page Speed Modules.

Article provided courtesy of – We get you through the Internet labyrinth.

Next you will want to figure out which plugins are slowing down your website. This plugin is a great tool for determining, which plugins are costing you more resources than they are worth in terms of usefulness.

You can also test the cache on your website with this WordPress plugin: WPSuperCache

Before adding any plugins to your website you should verify that they have no malware or other issues, by testing them for WordPress Plugin Vulnerabilities, in the WP Scan Vulnerability Database.

Backing Up your SQL Database is a must before adding any new content your website, including plugin.

You will want to ensure you are maximizing space in the server of of your hosting account. Compressing images is a great way to save space. This plugin seems to work well: WPSmushIt

Files and content can also take up a lot of space in your hosting account. A great plugin to compress files is WPGzipNinjaSpeedCompression.

You may not realize that you have saved drafts and duplicate posts. A great way to clean up your database without running manual queries is by using this plugin: WP Optimize.

Finally, you delete unnecessary plugins, content and files from, both your website and hosting account. In your hosting account you could have duplicate Databases and other files, which may be slowing down your website.

Any content, file or even unnecessary code can be causing your website to load more slowly than it should. If all else fails, contact an expert Webmaster for assistance.

Web Design is part of ranking a website highly on the Internet organically. User experience is important to ensure that visitors stay on various pages of a website for a substantial period of time. This will keep the bounce rate to a minimum and build up a strong reputation for your website with Google and other Search Engines.

A fast loading website will increase the likelihood of visitors perusing various pages of your website.

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SPIN Doctors

In every arena of life there are issues that arise. In politics for example, politicians can ‘slip up’ by saying the wrong thing. Making an inappropriate statement or saying something that is totally unrelated to the question posed or not inline with their seeming campaign strategy, is often the norm for politicians.
The reasons politicians say the so-called wrong thing from time to time, is due to their speeches being written by speechwriters. If the composed text does not resonate with the politician, then they may intentionally blunder the entire speech, or worse yet inadvertently misstate only part of the speech.

It is a mystery, to me, why politicians do not write their own speeches. This process would ensure that they will not make any mistake when giving it over to an audience. Perhaps they are too busy developing policies and attending debates to be able to pen their own text.

In the realm of celebrity, movie stars, television stars and even actors on commercials do not write their own lines. Improvisation is not possible, because everything must be scripted and reviewed by editors. Even interviews are prepared for in advance with the assistance of a coach.

SPIN Doctors are also involved in repairing marketing messes. If a company incorrectly advertises product with inaccurate specifications or wrong price, then a SPIN Doctor will be employed to reiterate the advertisement to read the right way, while retaining the business brand and being reliable. A company’s image is worth far more than the cost of hiring a marketing expert of Public Relations firm to repair an advertisement or ad campaign.

What happens, however, when a speech is not said as written and not presented as initially intended? SPIN Doctors are needed to remedy the sickness of wrong words spoken. Corporate Communicators, Publicists, Public Relations Advisers and ad agencies can come to the rescue by putting a SPIN on the misstatements or other blunders.

SPIN Doctors will restate what was said and explain what was really meant, by what was erroneously said. SPIN Doctors apply a healing remedy to correct the ‘sickness’ of silly statements. They may recommend a retraction of seemingly inaccurate quote. The misspoken presenters may need to appear in some positive campaign commercials or be a guest on a talk show to re-present their image and regain their status.

Who are the best SPIN Doctors? Where can they be found? Probably wherever the money is the most ample supply. The definition of a SPIN Doctor is a professional who manages the reinstatement of an image for a person of notoriety. SPIN Doctors are required everywhere and at times.

Free Market Domain Illusions

It may perhaps be an illusion that there exists somewhere or anywhere a free market, in some democracy in the world. This is a bold statement and perhaps presumptuous.

But if there is a place in the world with a truly free market economy, then I would like to be the first to know about it. In many seeming free market economies there is much red tape that still restricts the buying, selling and trading of goods and services. As well there are monopolies that govern the marketplace and which form collective partnerships with related businesses to control the market.

One such example is the domain name industry. In this electronic realm of commerce there is almost no regulation. Registrars do as they please with domain names they sell. They can and do set the price of domain extensions in partnership with Registries. They limit the listing of domain names for auction on their websites. all the while allowing nearly identical domain names to be listed for sale on their portal.

This control and autonomous power of the Internet is due to the fact that the Internet is not regulated by the government. “The Obama administration is months away from deciding whether the United States Government will continue to provide oversight over core functions of the Internet and protect it from authoritarian regimes that view the Internet as a way to increase their influence and suppress freedom of speech,” Cruz said in a statement.“1

In the article on this link: various details are provided, which explain how the US government will relinquish what remaining control it has over the Internet. Initially the plan was to cede control to ICAAN, which is a so-called not for profit agency with assets of $99.82 million USD and revenue of $72.02 Million USD as at 2011 ( Now there are plans to let the United Nations govern the Internet. It is uncertain what this will mean for the World Intellectual Property Organization WIPO and its role in regulating internationally protected trademarks.

Now that we can be sure that there will an increasing number of countries involved in Internet regulation, it is certain that no one will really know the rules of the game. Moreover, how can non profit organization have assets of nearly $100 Million USD and revenues of more than $70 Million USD. It seems clear that no one is really overseeing the Internet, which is perhaps the largest business in the world that continues to grow at an ever-increasing rate daily.

Some domain Registrars boast of revenue of more than $1.05 Billion and some Registries, which own hundreds of the nearly 2000 new gTLDs (generic Top-Level Domains) have assets in the high Billions USD with expenditure cash of more than $100 Million USD.

Can we be sure, with all of the above said that are interests are being protected; as consumers or domainers (people who buy, sell and trade domain names)? If the domain name industry is for the most part unregulated or self regulated and the Internet will soon be totally regulated by an entity whose purpose is to govern international matters of peace and harmony, then who is ‘minding the online store’?



SEO Classified Files

Visit: for more details on how to top rank your website on Google and other major Search Engines.

Search Engine Optimization is a seemingly obscure phenomenon. Is it really as complicated as it seems? Perhaps SEO is a science. Every science has a system and set rules or procedures used during the experimental process.

Effective SEO requires logic principles and the proper application of defined processes. The first step is to register a domain name with a Google Analytics and insert a Google’s Analytics’ tracking code on your website. This is similar, in principle, to registering the address of a house in a new subdivision, with the relevant municipality where it is situated. The next step is to confirm the website address or domain name URL: Uniform Resource Locator with Google Webmaster Tools; either via a of property ownership identifier via the registrar of the Generic Top Level Domain. You can also post a Google Webmaster Tools Meta Tag in the <head> section of the html or other code or script used to design your website.

After you have completed the confirmation steps successfully, as noted above, you will want to link the domain name or property between your Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools accounts. Creating a submitting a Sitemap, for your website, is the next required step for maximum SEO results and top ranking on Google, as well as other Search Engines.

Once you have submitted the Sitemap, be sure to test it to ensure that there are no page display errors encountered by the Google robot that crawls your website. Next you will want to add a Robots.txt file to grant and / or limit access to various pages of your website. You may not want all pages crawled. If you have certain proprietary pages that contain confidential files or personal details, then you may restrict access to these pages. Also, if you have certain product pages that you only want to be made visible upon purchase of the electronic file, then you can input a Do Not Follow protocol in your Robots.txt file. You should test your Robots.txt file to be sure that it is functioning properly, with ‘allow’ or ‘disallow’ permission options, which will notify the robot whether or not it should have access to some or all pages of your website. You should then submit your website to be Crawled, using the ‘fetch’ and ‘render’ option. After your website has been fully rendered, you will want to submit it to be indexed in the Google Search Engine.

Billion Dollar Phrase

Is there such thing as a billion dollar phrase? Can a domain name be worth a million dollars or a billion dollars? Domain names have sold for millions of dollars in the past and will likely do so well into the future. Knowing which domain name is a valuable catch phrase is like trying to predict the winning numbers in the lottery.

Is foresight of the optimal combinations of letters, symbols, numbers and / or words possible? Your ability to be creative in combination with your level of intelligence will determine your domain name savviness. You need to be able to figure out which popular or emerging trends will have a value for a business or organization.

Let us suppose that you are capable of conceiving of the most popular phrase and you are able to buy a domain name at the most relevant extension to accompany it. Does this ensure that you will be able to rank the domain name highly on Search Engines? Will you be able to sell advertising space on it or be able to sell the domain name and / or website to a business or organization?

Even if the domain name is relevant to a specific industry or business area there is no guarantee that you can convince others of the applicable value. Moreover, can you be certain that the domain name is not trademarked by a company in your country of residence and / or internationally? That is right. There are international trademark registrations. But how can you search these words or phrases globally?

The World Intellectual Property Organization is a great place to start your world-wide search for protected trademarks. These links are useful:

If the prospective domain name and extension are available for registration without infringement implications, then you still need to be sure that you will be able to properly pre-register or priority pre-register your new generic top-level domain name. There are also various phases that are based on the proximity or nearness of the date of public release of the domain name, which can be subscribed to for the right price(s). Therefore, the greater your budget and the more daring you hope to be the more likely your chances of securing your desired domain name.

To find out release dates for new generic top-level domains this website seems to be a great reference:

Happy searching and securing your dream phrase.



Increasing Your Subscribers

Towards Fabulously Increasing Your Subscribers By More than 100,000 Via E-mail and Fax

Campaign Strategies:

  • Compose regular articles on com, which you should share on, Google+,, and; among other social media outlets. You could post a notice within each article encouraging comments from readers, which will ensure an increasing amount of regular followers. You could even suggest subscribers should compose relevant posts about Jewish topics on and ask them to mention your organization and your newsletter and / or provide a link to it, within their posts. Here is a relevant and inspiring article I composed wherein I could promote your organization and newsletter, entitled the: Fabulous Ten Thousand – Are You One? This article was read by 105 people so far. On I currently have 1070 subscribers to my posts. I grew this fan base over only the last few months.


  • Create a group specifically for increasing subscribers. Here subscribers can share anecdotes about Jewish life, including; Shabbat dinners, recipes, travel tips and et cetera. Subscribers to this group can like the group and recommend / suggest the group to friends. Once a member likes your group their status of liking will appear in their public feed on their wall. The trend of liking will only continue to grow and increase exponentially.


  • Mitzvah Points for subscribers who suggest 50 or more friends who become subscribers. After an accumulation of a certain number of mitzvah points, high-ranking subscribers can request a letter from you noting the total points to date, which can be redeemed at local participating kosher restaurants for a complimentary meal. Alternatively, mitzvah points could be redeemed for online purchases of Jewish lifestyle products, such as; Candles, Menorahs, Tallisim, Tefillin, Tzitzits and so forth. Obviously the points would not have an actual monetary value. 50 points would not equal $50. But the points could be used towards a discount of a certain percentage off of the purchase price, with participating Jewish businesses.


  • To increase subscribers you could also ask Mitzvah Points partners to like your organization on social media and to provide you with the e-mail addresses of their customers who have provided an authorization for same. You could post a link to your newsletter on the participating businesses’ website or have a promotional contact form for potential subscribers to complete, in order to receive your newsletter.


  • You could also have a picture contest for Jewish themes, with a small entry fee for contestants; along with a great prize for the winner. You could ask major Jewish businesses / organizations to donate prize(s) or in-kind products / services. Each competitor would submit their complete contact information when entering the contest and simultaneously agree to receive e-mails or faxes from you.


  • You could distribute tzedakah boxes internationally that could be donated to your organization, via local banks; to be deposited into a bank account, specifically set up for this purpose. The tzedaka boxes could be adorned with a sticky notepad that has an embossed watermark with your website link and the words:”Thank you for your support”. Donors could note down a promissory donation amount on the sticky note for future donation commitments. Also a tick-able (checkmark notation) of daily, weekly or monthly donation amounts could be affixed around the tzedakah box for donors to note their regular donation amounts. Alternatively a few options of donation charts could accompany the tzedakah box, which could be affixed by adhesive (glue) to the tzedakah box.


Domain Internet Changes

Domain names are all the hype today. Whether you are talking .club, condos, or .guru, among the currently available extensions on the market. But what about all of the domains that are coming soon? Close to 2000 possible extensions may one day be available for use.

If you buy a new domain name extension or gTLD (generic top-level domain) can you use it and / or sell it as you would with other extensions? It seems that there registries that are conjuring up these new novelty extensions are controlling the process of the entire life cycle for their gTLDs. They determine when the registrars can sell them, including pre-registration and priority registration and even auctions for competing bidders for the same domain name who priority registered a domain with different registrars. Can you imagine that there are auctions for domain names that are not even available yet? Domain names that have not yet been used for a website and have not even been available as forwarding domains are highly valued and be sold before there are yet bought.

What is the deal with the domain Internet changes Is this madness? Possibly this domain name insanity is incurable. Trying to secure the right domain name can be maddening. Many registrar’s may offers promotional gimmicks that seem to promise you a desired domain name at one of the many new extensions. But what can they really offer you other than notification, by e-mail, when the gTLD becomes available? That is, unless you are willing and able to pay for pre-registration or priority registration (much more costly) and this is dependent upon the sunrise or release date of the domain name.

Domain names are now being screened by an intake clearing house to ensure that trademarks are respected and upheld, by the trademark holder / owner. It used to be that someone could register any business name, as domain name, even if one did not own the business name proper – having registered it with the required regulatory authority. Perhaps the new extensions gTLDs were created to ensure that rightful trademark owners can fairly register the business name as their own domain name.

But will this process actually restrict unlawful registrations across the board for all gTLDs? Or is the clearing house only monitoring and enforcing for requested gTLDs to ensure that trademark holders will gain a suitable gTLD for their business name? If so, how will this process be any different from the initial launch of the .com extension where some domainers opted to capitalize on acquiring namesakes of well known brands and then offering the gTLD for sale at an outrageously high price at auction?

Website Success Tips

Do you have a blog or a website? Do you currently have a large following of subscribers? What if you quickly experienced a change in visitors or in ranking of your online portal? These help website success tips will help you to maximize your websites presence on the Internet.

Updates to Search Engine Optimization Tools, creation of new sitemaps and re-indexing by a Search Engine can affect the position of your online domain space. To be sure that you will be able to maintain your top spot and to continue to have regular daily visitors to your blog or website you need to diversify your marketing approach.

In addition to updating keywords, descriptions and Meta Tags as needed, you will also need to resubmit your website to Search Engines on a set schedule. Every month or so is a good strategy. Also you will need to compose great and intriguing content that gets people talking and sharing your posts on major social media outlets.

Be sure to have a Google Analytics account and to have your website properly tracked. Also, be sure your Google Webmaster account is appropriately linked to the account and connected to the relevant domain name. Requesting that your website be crawled is a good option. Hiring a competent Webmaster is probably the best idea.

You will need to do routine maintenance to stay in visible position on Google and other Search Engines. This work is time intensive so unless you have a lot of free time you should benefit the expertise of a qualified Webmaster or SEO company.