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Tower Steel Buildings

Tower Steel Buildings is your one stop shop for multiple use steel buildings. Our steel buildings can be used for all purposes. Steel buildings can be used for a small one car garage or as storage shed; all the way up to a multi-million square foot manufacturing facility. Steel buildings can be utilized for home use to commercial purposes and everything in between; from a small hobby shop, woodworking or automotive repair shop to a medium-sized to large storage area for trucks RV’s. Steel buildings are optimal for storing construction equipment and for use a full services maintenance facility.

 If you’re planning on putting up a building in the future, then Tower Steel Buildings is the place to start.

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Steel buildings are regularly used as storage areas for farm equipment. Airplane hangars are usually constructed out of a steel building.

 All Tower Steel Buildings are specifically engineered to meet the needs your specific location and intended usage.

Steel buildings are very durable and have been expertly tested to withstand high pressure wind loads and snow loads. Tower Steel Buildings ensure exceptional engineering for your building, to ensure the building will endure for years to come. Unlike traditionally constructed buildings constructed out of wood, which can warp or rot, steel buildings are designed to stand up to all conditions.  

 1. Home / Personal Use of Tower Steel Buildings. Durable, stands up to wind, rain, certain weight allowance or tolerance. Great for home based for machinery and tool storage.

 Tower Steel Buildings are can be used as a garage and home storage areas; as well as small and medium-sized workshops.

Tower Steel Buildings are excellent for RV storage.

 Tower Steel Buildings are engineered to stands up to local snow and rain loads. Certified drawings are included to obtain building permits.

 2. Commercial Use of Tower Steel Buildings. These steel buildings can be used for any commercial purpose. We can design steel buildings to meet any width and length required. The walls can be designed to be as high as you need. Constructing 20, 30 or 40 foot walls are not a problem.

 We can also design the steel building with built-in crane rails. If you buy the crane from a crane manufacturer, then we can tailor your Tower Steel Building to match the specific design particulars to support the crane rails.

 You can have as many openings as you would like, which would of course be fitting. We can also sell customers insulation for the Tower Steel Building.

 Some commercial buildings might need a firewall. Tower Steel Buildings can design building with a firewall.

 Some municipalities may require a firewall, when constructing a commercial building, which is to be built close to another building. Generally a 2 hour structural firewall, is necessary. It must be contain fire rated drywall that is attached to the wall.

 3. Industrial Use. Tower Steel Buildings can be used for manufacturing or warehouses. Customers can customize the outside of the building to get the look they want.

 Tower Steel Buildings are perfect for various industries, such as oil and mining, forestry, native bands, construction, RV storage and trucking depots.

 4. Recreational Use. Tower Steel Buildings are the best solution to easy to construct and durable indoor sports arenas. Steel buildings can easily be attached to concrete flooring. Tarps and related roofing can be easily affixed to a steel building and heating and air conditioning vent can be integrated within a Tower Steel Building.